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New Tour added

Hello everyone David here 


I am just letting you all know that a new tour has been aded to our tour center.

So please feel free to sign up to our new Disney World Tour. The tour consists of 6 legs taking you to every Disney park location 


1- Los angles International (KLAX) – Orlando International (KMCO)

2 – Orlandon International (KMCO) – Paris charles De Gaulle (LFPG) 

3 –  Paris Charles De Gaulle (LFPG) – Tokyo Narita (RJAA) 

4 – Tokyo Narita (RJAA) – Hong Kong International (VHHH) 

5 – Hong Kong International (VHHH) – Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD)

6 – Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) – Los Angles International (KLAX)


Have a happy and safe time flying this brand new tour 

To Pilot Members, Having issue

To Pilot Members, Having issue





To our members having trouble with the Flight Factor Aircraft with the engines turning off on the report of smartCARS 2, We ask that you let us know via comment before filing pirep’s to let us know about the Flight Factor Aircraft so that we know. As of we will need comment reasons for when we get the automated pireping system  repaired. I will also put this on the news for all members to read regarding the flight factor aircraft for Xplane 11.

This is only a quick email to those who are facing issues. The COO David Woods advised they are working on an update to repair this.

Kind Regards,

Jay Abbott


New Management, Lot Of Work To


Dear Members



As you are probably wondering that something has probably changed here at SAS Virtual myself Jay Abbott I am now the new Chief Executive Officer , Mark Oxley Chief Operations Officer, David Woods Chief Operations. We are looking for some people to do some certain roles which will be in the forum at: I also want to let people know who haven’t validated there email via the forum please know that we will start the process to remove those who haven’t validated.


We want to say thank you to those who have been keeping us up with flying flights and keeping up with the hours, The forum it self is to get help and guidance. If you look on our forum look on announcements you can see what roles are their which you can then apply for via the Management Forum by submitting new topic Name of Role then a full estimate of that role. I will be updating the available roles and some are changing.


Every time before I go flying either real world or virtually I use something called Windy, Check it out: it’s a good tool to use to be honest some of you might find it interesting.


Over the next couple of days we will be reviewing who hasn’t flown and who has, We will try to make contact with those to see if they are still with us, but the best thing to do is get on forum.


Happy Flying,

Blue Skies

Jay Abbott


Group Flight – Norway

It’s been a while since our last group flight, so we start off with something light to get us started. We will start at Kjevik (ENCN) and fly to Værnes (ENVA). The group flight will start at 1700 GMT, Saturday Oct 6th.

We will (hopefully) have full VATSIM controller coverage for the entire group flight. We’ll hold a short briefing on the discord server at 1630 GMT so we can all get to know each other.

SAS Virtual Celebration Tour

SAS Virtual Celebration Tour

We at SAS Virtual Group have arranged a tour which consists of 24 legs which were requested by some of our fellow pilots; this tour has been created to celebrate reaching 1,000 pilots.


This tour is a winner takes all event, the winner will be awarded a $50 voucher to spend at our sponsor Real Flight Shop or 2 of any of the voucher codes available at the pilot’s shop; second place will receive one free voucher code from our Pilot Shop of there choosing.


Join the event here -> Click ME!!!


We have created a file for you to review which goes into more detail 🙂 -> Download Here





As of the 14th of July SAS has reached a major milestone of 1000 pilots!!!

This is all thanks to you and the rest of our amazing community for staying dedicated to SAS!!!

We are currently planning a large event tour to celebrate the milestone and appreciate any suggests; if you have any suggests please email us –

Group Flight.

We are going to be hosting a group flight on VATSIM. If you are simply just wanting to fly or meet other SAS members, Tag along!

SAS Airbus at hate

New COO!!

Matej Grcar is SAS Virtual’s new Chief Operating Officer and has been a dedicated SAS Virtual pilot for years.

He is here to maintain and keep the operations as upto date as possible 😀