Dear Members



As you are probably wondering that something has probably changed here at SAS Virtual myself Jay Abbott I am now the new Chief Executive Officer , Mark Oxley Chief Operations Officer, David Woods Chief Operations. We are looking for some people to do some certain roles which will be in the forum at: I also want to let people know who haven’t validated there email via the forum please know that we will start the process to remove those who haven’t validated.


We want to say thank you to those who have been keeping us up with flying flights and keeping up with the hours, The forum it self is to get help and guidance. If you look on our forum look on announcements you can see what roles are their which you can then apply for via the Management Forum by submitting new topic Name of Role then a full estimate of that role. I will be updating the available roles and some are changing.


Every time before I go flying either real world or virtually I use something called Windy, Check it out: it’s a good tool to use to be honest some of you might find it interesting.


Over the next couple of days we will be reviewing who hasn’t flown and who has, We will try to make contact with those to see if they are still with us, but the best thing to do is get on forum.


Happy Flying,

Blue Skies

Jay Abbott